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Chalmers International

Chalmers International distributes Dr Edward de Bono’s workshops in Australia and New Zealand.

Workshops include:

  • Six Thinking Hats ®
    mprove the quality of thinking. Increase group productivity. Make informed decisions.
  • Lateral Thinking
    etter idea generation and problem solving skills. Convert problems to opportunities. Get immediate results.
  • Power of Perception ™
    ocus your attention. Think before you leap to action. Sharpen you perception with 10 powerful strategies.
  • Six Value Medals ™
    can for values. Priorities values. Ensure top values are tabled and addressed.

All workshops are led by a certified de Bono trainer. Learners are supported with official materials and learning aids. All our trainers meet our quality standards.

We offer:

  • Public Workshops
  • In-house Workshops
  • Trainer Certifications and re-certification
  • Workbook and training material orders
  • Recommendations about trainers and resellers in the market

We are also UK distributors for Dr de Bono’s workshop through our company The Holst Group . We have had a relationship with Dr de Bono and his powerful thinking tools for over 20 years.

People make a community, welcome to ours. Chalmers International Horizontal

Authorised_distributorABN: 61 620 151 430



The Holst Group distributes and delivers world-class tools and workshops to support your people and your business.

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de Bono Thinkking Systems

de Bono Thinking Systems links over 300 certified trainers in 50 countries through 23 affiliate Authorised Distributors on six continen

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